Living Happy to Be ME! is Available to Purchase HERE **
Living Happy to be Me - Valerie Sheppard Author
Living Happy to Be ME! is Available to Purchase HERE **

Millions of people throughout the world are still chasing success in order to find happiness. Yet, ages-old Spiritual Wisdom and decades worth of research by Harvard University, the Positive Psychology movement and others, is proving that happiness breeds success! So actually, all success-seekers would be best served by finding ways to be happy while they’re figuring out their life’s purpose, completing degrees, pursuing careers, volunteering in their communities, and creating their legacies. The most successful way to take this journey is to make it a total way of life!

That’s where Living Happy to Be ME!© can help!  It is a perfect companion for the journey into a more vibrant and happy life! Living Happy to Be ME!© is an exquisite marriage of guidebook and journal, combining astute instructional narrative and action steps with blank and lined pages for capturing thoughts and impressions along the way. It includes helpful perspective through articles, inspirational and heart-opening quotes, poetry and imagery that awaken the heart and set the stage for profound personal transformation.

The book starts with an exploration of the key foundational principles and Spiritual Wisdom of Valerie’s signature 4-Step Happy to Be ME!™ process. It weaves in close to 100 action steps that enable readers to experience their own shifts in perspective. The experiences lead to integration, which is fundamental to making changes become real and ongoing.


Who is Valerie Sheppard?

Valerie Sheppard, a.k.a. Sherpa of Happiness, does spiritual transformational counseling with young people and adults. The wisdom she possesses comes from her own 20-year journey of transformation combined with her more than 30 years of experience in leading teams, mentoring and coaching.  Valerie uses this diverse knowledge and multi-faceted experience to help people find success and fulfillment by connecting to their inner authentic happiness.

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Book Excerpts

Until I was fairly deep into my “radical sabbatical,” I used to chase happiness … almost literally.  I would flit from one experience to another – workshops, parties, gatherings, friendships, relationships, seminars, vacations – trying to create more happiness in my life. I was confident that if I could just have one more fantastic experience, absorb one more exquisite nugget of knowledge, tackle another goal, earn another promotion, make more money, or have that great ‘love of my life,’ I’d have all the happiness I could ever want.  But that’s not what happened.

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What Readers are Saying

“As a guide to going within to find and heal yourself, Living Happy to Be ME! is as good as it gets. Valerie Sheppard teaches as well as touches our hearts and minds with references to the works of everyone from Monty Python to the Dalai Lama. If you’re looking for a reliable map to what’s going on inside you and how to lift yourself up and out of life’s struggles and challenges, this is it!”

~Tony Burroughs, Cofounder of The Intenders of the Highest Good and Author of 10 Books, including “The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World.”

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