Living Happy to Be ME! is about heart.

I am really excited about the success of this book! It was born from a several years journey of inner exploration, soul searching, tears, excavating the sub-conscious, heart healing, forgiveness, more tears, dancing in the joy of release, and more. It’s really been glorious! And since its release in 2016, it’s gained increasing visibility and acclaim. I couldn’t feel more Blessed or be more grateful!

My mission, meaning what speaks to me through my heart, is to create a ripple effect of peace, love, and joy from my heart to other hearts, and from those hearts to even more hearts, and so on. As I’ve held this intention in prayer and meditation, it’s been clear to me that I am called to make a way for the principles of this book to reach people regardless of their ability, desire or willingness to pay for it.

So that’s what I’m doing. If, for whatever reason/s, purchasing Living Happy to Be ME! via its Amazon Order Page is not an option for you, that’s okay. Please accept this offer, from my heart to yours, to download the entire book (it’s close to 300 pages so be patient), with my compliments.


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