Praise for Living Happy to Be ME!©

“Valerie Sheppard’s ‘Living Happy to Be ME!’ is a wonderful collection of compelling stories, powerful lessons and fun and practical exercises that will help you get on the path to living a truly happy life. This is a book to not only read but fully immerse yourself in.”

~ Jack Canfield,Co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and The Success Principles, Featured Teacher in “The Secret”

“Author Valerie Sheppard’s unique teachings and artful imagery will tap into your soul regardless of the path you’re currently walking, expanding your ability to be exquisitely happy. I highly recommend “Living Happy To Be ME!”

~ Dr. Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY® Winner, Project: Forgive Founder, 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

“Living Happy to Be ME! is a great read. With wisdom and compassion, Valerie Sheppard helps us dismantle the false-self and awaken to the Divine presence in our heart…and she is a beautiful embodiment of what teaches.”

~ Marci Shimoff, Professional Speaker and #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul.

“A must-read! Living Happy to Be ME! gives you a perspective-changing approach to experiencing profound happiness and a deeper connection with yourself. Insightful, and filled with powerful consciousness raising activities.

~ Marilyn Suttle, Bestselling author, “Who’s Your Gladys?”

“Living Happy to Be ME! is simply the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. Surrender to this simple and profound process. You will want to keep it by your bedside and make it a part of you daily joy.”

~ Teresa de Grosbois is the #1 International Bestselling author of Mass Influence, 4X best selling author, international speaker and founder of the Evolutionary Business Council.

“When applying the Law of Attraction the ‘secret sauce’ is attaching an elevated emotion to the movie you play in your head of this new outcome. In “Living Happy to Be ME!, Valerie has created the perfect practical guide that will help you overcome emotional distress and other vibration-lowering obstacles so you can maintain the high emotions you need to attract your heart’s desires.”

~ Natalie Ledwell, Best selling Author, TV Host, Speaker and Co-Founder of

“In recent years Governments as well as individuals have started to recognize the importance of happiness for our physical, mental and emotional health. But what is happiness and how do we experience more of it? In this beautiful book, Valerie Sheppard shares not only her own life lessons but also practical steps to help readers develop their own sense of happiness. You will want to keep coming back to it as you deepen your understanding of what it means to be truly happy.”

~ Pat Duckworth, Award-winning Author of “Hot Women, Cool Solutions”.

“Living Happy to Be ME! is a beautiful, engaging book for cultivating life-time happiness. Sheppard’s 4-Step process is insightful and effective. Get ready to experience a wonderful process of heart-opening and happiness building.”

~ Ellen Rogin, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Picture Your Prosperity

“Buy this book. The book you are holding in your hand is the most remarkable, comprehensive self improvement book I have ever seen. Valerie speaks from deep experience, profound knowing and intuited wisdom. Her message is clear, after you have completed even ONE exercise from this beautiful book you will be on the path to, “Living Happy to Be ME!” I love every word in this book and give it my highest recommendation!”

~ Maureen St. Germain, Practical Mystic and author of Beyond the Flower of Life and Be A Genie

Simply brilliant!  A must read for anyone who wants to turn their frown upside down.”

~Greg S. Reid Co-author, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold 

“Have you ever looked for happiness in the wrong places? Valerie Sheppard brings her fascinating perspective to the ages-old quest for happiness.  In Happy to Be Me, she shares her precious lessons with us, giving us a process we can use to discover and become our unique happy selves, no matter what form that takes.  Want some more genuine soul-level happiness in your life? Get the book!”

~Paul Hoyt, Hoyt Management Group

“You will be compelled to go deeper and deeper into Valerie’s book as soon as you begin reading. She provides a fresh perspective on how to become truly happy in your life.”

~Jeannie S. Whyte, Founder of Whyte Light Center, Author and Spiritual Life Coach

“In Happy to Be ME, Valerie Sheppard, one of the most original inspirers today, shows you how to unleash your inherent power to truly live exactly how your life was always intended to be ─ happy and deeply fulfilling.”

~Marsh Engle, Bestselling Author, Coach and Speaker

“I was thoroughly impressed with this guide book because of its practical nature. Happiness doesn’t have to be hard but is required to live a fulfilled life!  This is a must-have guidebook for anyone looking for the path to lasting Happiness.  My dear friend Valerie Sheppard shows you how to take my favorite journey … from the head to the heart! This book has the potential to change millions of lives!”

~Daniel Gutierrez, Author, Speaker, Transformational Teacher